Bridging the trust gap

There is obviously a lot of nastiness flying back and forth in this election. I think both sides have flung dung, but from where I sit, the right is so far and away worse that there's no contest.

As evidence, here are three articles worth the read:

After watching this whole thing go down, I consider the current administration and the current Republican ticket to be Evil. And I don't use that word lightly. Knowingly lying with intent to incite violence and possibly murder is evil, plain and simple. It's impossible that they don't realize what they're doing; there's just too much evidence, and if they don't mean it, then they sin by omission. Right now, it doesn't seem too far-fetched for Obama to be assassinated the day he's sworn in, or for us to turn into Nazi Germany over night.

This particular post started from my realization that the purpose of an election -- to find the person most likely to help the nation as a whole -- is not a priority for anyone, though I get the feeling it is for Obama, and that he has to fight every day to stick with that goal.

Although I have to say that even though I am very upset by all this, remembering Obama's unstoppably-upbeat demeanor throughout this whole ordeal has helped me keep my bearings. And that in itself is enough to secure my vote.

In an effort to bridge the gap, and to convince myself I'm not being pulled into reactionary-land myself, I'm working on a personal project. I've heard a lot of crap flying from both the left and the right. I want to organize it into a page, the point of which is to say "yes, they both suck; now get it out of your system and make up your own mind". So if you have any favorite examples of either the left or the right behaving badly, post them here. Not jokes; real stuff with sources. Like Palin not stopping "he's a nigger" or "kill him" screams at her rallies (right behaving badly) or the Palin effigy or inflated and condescending word manipulation (left behaving badly).