Devolution of Value

I love the Internet. But it has a very, very dark side: it promotes greater speed for no good purpose other than speed, and because of that, it denigrates creativity and effort. Not to mention fostering a very obsessive, unhealthy environment.

The evolution of blogging and the rise of life streaming is a good example.

Personal blogs (those not paid for by some commercial entity) contain relatively short "letters". People started out writing a blog post a day at most. By "short", I mean less than one printed page.

That has accelerated a great deal. Blogging somehow wasn't enough, so our great system of "innovation" has come up with "life streaming". Check out the definition for twitter. People literally follow that definition, resulting in huge numbers of posts that aren't even sentences, and that have no more value than belly button lint.

This is not communication. It's Big Brother, and we're willingly accepting it; no, we're seeking it out. Check this post from Chris Brogan. That's kind of scary to me.

But I digress. The point of this post is that we've accepted the idea that speed is better than quality. And I view that as a step backwards.