Value vs. Money

As I've mentioned, I've been working on a major project for a major client. When I come up for air, I tend to ask myself one question: why am I personally doing this and not some junior person? Or better yet, several junior persons? And the answer always comes back the same: they wouldn't be able to do the work to the level I would feel comfortable with.

But I'd be making much more money, and therein lies the crux of my issue.

I'm attempting to make a major career/life change by the time I hit 40 (and judging by my current velocity, I'm going to hit with earth shattering momentum). The fact that I'm constantly doing rather than telling others to do is getting in the way, since the most surefire way of reaching my 40-goal is having enough money that I can spend more time working on it.

But I still find it difficult to let go. I'm learning a lot because I set up the project to be able to learn a lot, but at some point, my desire to do a good job and learn must be balanced by my desire to reach a goal.

I have to learn my way to that balance, and do it quickly. I feel the grim reaper breathing over my shoulder.