The Right Wing

I just received this email from someone close to me:

Interesting piece on Obama & his women:

Here's my response.

It's not interesting, it's bad.

Show me something with real journalism and taste and I might listen, but attempting to convince me with something this bad not only doesn't work but doesn't reflect well on you personally. Think about it: I could take this exact approach with you personally and you'd come out looking exactly how I wanted you to look.

Is there some strange Commandment that states Christians are supposed to be Republicans? That they're supposed to respect assholes like Limbaugh and O'Reilly? That they're supposed to watch Fox News and Fox News only? That they're supposed to stick to the party even when it's hijacked by self-serving morally corrupt people like Ralph Reed? I don't know of one, but keep in mind that based on the stuff you send me, this is the view I have of you.

For your info, I'm registered as a Non Partisan, and I voted for Obama on Super Tuesday. I'm not upset that you're Republican or that you're trying to convince me that somehow the Right Wing agenda is The Right Way or even that Obama sucks. What I'm upset about is that you give credence to this kind of article. It's actually scary. And by the way, this doesn't mean I'm asking you to stop communication. I'm asking you to think about who you really are and who you want me to think you are.

I'm interested in you, not the party line.