Satisfaction vs. the Economy

Had a conversation with someone about dissatisfaction with the economy and resulting apathy.

Went like this:

  • No time left to do a decent job in any industry ... everyone I talk to says the same thing.
  • No desire to do a good job any more because of it.
  • People who actually know how to do a good job are few and far between, and are not being hired to do those jobs ... people who really don't know are being hired instead, and those people hire more people who don't know.
  • Housing bubble about to burst.
  • Dollar dying.
  • People who work at Walmart can't afford to buy from Walmart, the low price leader.
  • Traffic levels are unbearable and getting worse.
  • Nothing works. 30 years ago, phones would have glitches once a year, maybe less. Cell phones have connection problems, voice quality problems, network problems, daily.

And the cause?

  • We've created turnkey solutions for all parts of any manufacturing process.
  • It's therefore easier and less expensive to use those building blocks to create anything you want.
  • Because of that, every industry is flooded with people of lower capability, training and talent, who are flooding the market with products of lower quality.

Yeah, not really "the cause" per se, but still a good point.

So is this purely cynical?

And if not, what can be done about it?