Another reason to hate marketing: Lovemarks

You've got to be kidding: lovemarks? I can hear them now: "We have nothing new to say, but we need to sound different. Let's invent some new word, have someone write some romance copy around it and sprinkle some neato graphs on top." So not only are we consumer whores, now we have to bring love into it?


  1. Hi!
    Not sure why you say what you say here, but there is more to the word lovemarks. Its actually when you don't feel like you're consuming anymore but its actually fun to do so, THATS a lovemark!

    Love is good, doesn't matter where and when!

    Nicely explained here if you want to dig into it:


    PS: I work in Marketing, so I just had to say something!;-)

  2. Thanks for the comment. I do understand the point behind "lovemarks", and I'm in marketing also.

    What irks is the invention of a consulting-sounding new word when there really is no need for it. To me, inventing a new word for a concept that really (in my opinion, of course) doesn't need to exist smacks of insecurity.

    But hey, if it really takes off, great. Perhaps popularity will lend it legitimacy.