Finding a world view

Last night, I listened a wise therapist discuss groups of people. There's the Mars/Venus thing plus several other major ones. His own theory is Sensing types vs. Feeling types (this is, of course, a gross simplification of a comprehensive theory). Sensing types are concerned with concrete things, Feeling types with more conceptual matters.

He concluded by discussing the idea of "type bigots", those who are content with viewing the world through the lens of an arbitrary structure. Such as Mars/Venus or Sensing/Feeling.

Leading up to his conclusion, I remember feeling thrilled by the simple fact that Sensing/Feeling explained all kinds of interactions with many, many people I know, most of whom appear to be thoroughly on the Sensing side of things. But the conclusion brought it home: my goal in life is to not have to depend on structures like this; to be as open as I can with everyone.


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